Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 Amy Amy Ravensbourne University
2019 Fisherman's friends Tourist Fred Films, Powderkeg Pictures
2018 Lobby Play and Work Woman Holiday Inn
2018 Qatar Airways Still Phtography Football Fan Qatar Airways
2018 Electric Angel Officer Jamie Hampton Hanging Dice Productions
2017 One Day Maybe Ensemble DreamThinkSpeak
2017 Blood and bones Lee So-Yi Ben Rider
2016 The Light Refracts into the Shadows Mourner NFTS
2015 The School of Light Sunflower Golden Age Theatre
2015 Believe Wife NFTS
2015 Shadow of the Dragon Lady Dragon Lady Yarag Films
2015 Forever Tomorrow June BR Productions and Riding High Pictures
2015 Seasons Greetings Thu Time Zone Theatre
2015 The Lovers and the Despot Choi Eun-hee Tigerlily Films
2015 Black Leaves for Eyes Maiya Devika Ponnambalam
2014 The Wall Yonghee David Kinsella Productions AS
2014 Enig-mas Bhuni Mukul and Ghetto Tigers
2014 Never loose it again Maria TATA Communications
2014 British Gas 'Feeling the Love' Single Mother The Edge Picture Company
2014 HSBC Corporate Yu Ming Actorshop
2014 When Dead Ghosts Cry Sun-Mi The Halsall Brothers
2014 Golden Hour Julie Bournemouth University
2014 Yoshiko 1945 Yoshiko First Festival at Tristan Bates
2014 Conference Lynn Write Club
2013 Golden Child Eling True Heart Theatre
2013 All That Remains Midori Nagai Major Oak Entertainment
2013 Excedrin Commercial Female Voice Hobsons International
2013 Yoshiko, 1945 (One Woman Show) Yoshiko Kawashima Solo Festival 2013
2013 Our Orchestra is the cat's nuts Mina Klister Theatre
2013 Bizzby Expainer Florist X Film
2013 Royal Arsenal Riverside Property Film Gym Girl Mind's Eye
2013 Coffee House Stills Model Nespresso
2013 Eyetech Korean Presenter MWP
2013 uTalk Korean Speaker Eurotalk
2013 Hapag Lloyd Information Korean Voice 2002 Studios
2012 Breaking News Korean News Anchor Green Flag
2012 Fun and Games Sada Abe Regent College
2012 Virulent Experience Kate Foolish People
2012 Cloud Atlas Korean Computer Voice Warner Bros. Pictures
2012 Shell Connect Protocols Call Tisha Imagination Europe Ltd
2012 HSBC Stills Shopping Lady JWT LONDON
2012 Letters Renata Central Film School
2012 The Journey Around The Corner Jane RCA
2012 Vulnerable Patients-Children Naomi Smile-on
2012 KPMG Online Audio Woman Brightwave
2012 Drabarni, Fortune Teller Katie Royal Holloway
2011 Injustice Miss Sun-Jung ITV
2011 IOC Sha Film Ling Can Communicate Ltd
2011 St. Jerome In His Study Hayley London Film School
2011 Shorthold Tenancy Hye-Sook Spring Fever Productions
2011 New Horizons Film Korean Mother New Moon
2011 Happy Anniversary Wife Goldsmiths
2011 Capital On Change Korean Narrator Sungard
2011 Diversity Photo Shoot Wai Fong Brightwave
2011 Far Shore Min Sun Bo Zhang Film
2011 How Life Tastes Heroin Royal College of Art/ NFTS
2010 Learn Direct Sponsorship Ident Woman Addiction Content
2010 Sales Academy Corporate Film Sales Rep Sungard
2010 The Translators Bao Writers Avenue
2010 Bardathon Lady Percy/ Juliet (Speeches) Word of Mouth Media Productions